The Perks of using an experienced Computer Repair Store

Once upon a time, people needed to be qualified to do what we do not just have access to a web browser and a willingness to try. There are far too many computer stores out there that employ underqualified staff members that rely solely on a computer reload to fix all that ails it.

No longer is time spent researching the issue, finding a root cause and resolving the way it should be. For us it’s disappointing because it dilutes what we do, professionalism in our industry and in our opinion is just lazy.

This leads to another question that we have that has raised its head in our industry. With the advent of mobile phones, unlimited data usage, and the fact that a lot of tech’s don’t know what they are doing, what will become of computer stores that are qualified to do what they do?

Will a computer store become one of the many casualties in an ever losing online war? Should these unqualified stores be more regulated so that consumers know what they are paying for? We have our opinion but what’s yours?

In order to make sure our friends are at least educated when it comes to making a choice on who fixes your equipment, here are a couple of handy hints for those people that want to make the most of a qualified computer repair store:


What are your qualifications? Do you have professional or trade qualification associations, certifications, or experience in computer fields? Or are you certified by any of the big names? E.g. Apple, Microsoft, etc.


Can you provide a quote or an estimate on costs?

Most computer repair stores that have necessary experience will say yes. The majority of problems have already occurred at least to someone before and as such there should be sufficient information for them to go on.


Can you provide a quote after an assessment?

All computer stores should do this prior to commencing work on something that will incur some sort of cost outside of an assessment fee. It is our opinion at NO LIMIT WEB SERVICES & COMPUTER REPAIR that no job should occur unless previously approved. For example, a faulty hard drive would be picked up in an assessment so therefore you wouldn’t proceed to fix a virus issue as the cost may prove to be more expensive than a replacement.


How long will it take you?

In our opinion all Computer Stores should use a job management system to ensure that both your equipment is accounted for, your details are accurate and up-to-date, and we have a record of what was fixed so that we can help you with any issues that may occur after a repair. From this job management system we should have a list of current jobs, their priority and how busy we are at any moment in time.


How long do you guarantee your repairs for?

If this answer is not very long…It’s time to run. All of our software repairs are guaranteed to a certain extent for around 30 days (depending on what the issue is). All our hardware repairs are guaranteed by the vendors and their terms. Who handles the issue is also dependent on if it is within warranty still. However in most cases we will help you as much as we can.