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No Limit Web Services offer custom made, professionally designed high-impact websites. We pride ourselves on creating amazing content, that will make your customers heads turn, but won’t make your eyes water when it comes to price. All websites are built with care, an eye for detail, and a design that represents both yourself and your company. We keep you involved in each step of the process to make sure we are on target with what you want and what is achievable within your budget. Call us today to arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your needs.

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With over 10 years of web-development experience, and 20 years in computing, No Limit Web Services & Computer Repair are your number one choice when it comes to your web-based needs in Sale and Gippsland. We offer an all inclusive experience, from inception to when you have your first webpage visitor. Give us a call or visit us today to get your ideas transformed into reality.

Webpage Design & Development

Online store, your own personal blog, business webpages, updates, hosting or business e-mail. You name it, we probably can do it.

Webpage Updates & Redesigns

With our unique subscription based service, we complete all updates for you, no need for you to stress about learning how to do it we do it all for you! Saving you time and money!

Webpage Repair & Monitoring

Has your website been hacked or worst of all stopped working? We can repair, and monitor your website so that its online where it needs to be!

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The No Limit Process


You Talk. We listen. We discover what you want to do and talk about how we can achieve your goals together. You tell us what you like and more importantly dislike. Our process is unique, and most importantly works well for all our clients.


One of our designers, does what they do best. Create a beautiful work of art, that not only conveys your business image effectively, but is designed with your visitors in mind and what you ultimately want them to do. We make sure that you are involved and happy every step of the way. You have complete creative control.


Step 3 is where the fun begins! You get to step back and watch the magic happen whilst our development team bring your artwork to digital life. Kind of like Frankenstein, but no monsters, and just a little bit of madness…


This is your chance to get involved again. You get to test the site and try and break it! You get to show off how great your new website is to your friends and family! We stand back and let you bask in the glow of the digital creation you have made, whilst diligently fixing any errors with the site. 


The handover. You get to decide what happens next. We can provide support to you over the life-cycle of your site, perform the updates, backups, urgent fixes and a range of other improvements. Or you can do it yourself and we can help you as needed. The choice is yours! We would much rather keep you coming back because of our great service, not because we have made it too hard for you to update it yourself! 

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We are a customer oriented webpage design and computer repairs business located in Sale, Gippsland. We focus on quality, speed, and effective communication. This maximises results for you as our client. Best of all, we take pride in what we do and love to see our customers walk away happy!